Smiles Shine My Life

By: Gehad Ibrahim

By: Gehad Ibrahim

Dr. Medhat Ibrahim: He is my dad, my hero, and my everything in my life. People used to call me the young Dr. Medhat as I look like him and in personality as well. He supported me in every step in my life. He was always encouraging me especially in my decision to come to the US. I do my best to try to be as great as he is. We always get into discussion about different things including politics, people, Egypt, problems in the Arab world and the world as a whole. He guides me to the right way, but also urges me through tough times to do my own decisions. I am forever blessed to have him in my life.

From: Cassie Ethington Facebook

From: Cassie Ethington Facebook

Cassandra Ethington: I first met her on my first semester in the US, I was then at the State University of New York, Cobleskill. We were in the same group in our final project for the Technical Communication class. She was the first person to know that I was returning for another semester at Cobleskill after spending my summer in Egypt. She was with me since then in every adventure, decision and break through my life in the US. She considers my as her Egyptian adopted daughter. I consider the Ethingtons as my American family.Hope one day my family and the Ethingtons will meet one day at some place.


By: Gehad Ibrahim

Frances Yu: She is the closest friend I have in the US. She is an international student as well, from China. We are graduating together in May. I first met her in my first semester at the University at Albany more than a year ago. We have a lot of characteristics in common. I enjoy comparing my culture to hers; I never thought they were that similar before. We support each other in our adventure as students in the US.


By: Hossam Medhat

Aya Hussein: She is my cousin but I have always considered her as my older sister. Growing up, I always looked up to her as my role model. We used to go out and do activities together, not anymore since we are thousands of miles apart 😦 . However, I learned a lot from her. She was and still always present for me, and she always encourages me and urges me to stay strong and do well in my study. Talking to her makes me forget about being away from home. I always have support as long as I have her by my side 😀 Some people just make you realize how your family can make your life better.

From: Maii Zikry Facebook

From: Maii Zikry Facebook

Maii Zikry: She is my first Egyptian friend that I meet in the US. Although we only spend one semester together before she graduated and went back to Egypt, we spent a lot of time together and had many memories and laughs. I admired her persistent and ambitious personality. She was a hard-working student and the president of different clubs as well as an active member in others. we became really close friends and I used to ask for her advice when I faced problems during my first semester in the US.

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