Food for Thought

I was not very interested in following the news until the Arab Spring started in 2011. Now, I care about updating myself with the events everyday. Moreover, being here in the US, made me more interested in reading and comparing news coverage in America, Europe and western countries in general and how they are covered in the Arab countries and the Middle East. Facebook is my main source, in which I follow different publications’ pages like the

I also saw this video that was made by the Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy. It sums up a lot about the Egyptian Revolution.

Following the events that happened in France and the escalation in Europe especially Germany, I read this interesting article in The Blog on the Huffington Post UK website. It was written by a British Muslim student responding to the 25,000 anti- Islam protesters in Germany. More interestingly was the article in The Daily Beast entitled “For Republicans, Muslims Will Be the Gays of 2016.” I would really recommend that to everyone.

It is ironic to see how governments use stereotypes, exaggerate them and use them for their own benefits and simply mislead people, with the help of media of course. Nevertheless, it is really frustrating that people know of their government’s deceiving methods, yet they still fall for them willingly.

I also read this article in a magazine produced by the Times Union called 518 Life. The article discussed Activism in the Capital Region by Brianna Snyder. For me, it reminded me with the Arab Spring, as its fourth anniversary just started in the mid of January 2015.

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I do not read a specific book, and I do not follow a certain writer, I read whatever my eye falls on and interest me. At the same time, I try to read from both sides in whatever story I read.

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