Telling True Stories: Part IX:



Jim Collins

Freelancing as a narrative writer hasn’t ever been an easy way to earn a living, and recent changes in the magazine industry have made it even tougher… Magazines that depend on subscriptions can no longer compete with those relying on advertising income… While getting started as a freelancer, you must spend as much time pitching stories (and accepting rejection) as you do writing them…


The idea of being a freelancer, seems to be an exciting idea for a journalist to write about what he wants, take the time he needs to report, and move between different new organizations and publications. I always think of a reporter who travels the world and write as much as he wants, whenever I think about a freelancer. I know this is not what happens in reality, but it sounds like a great life to me. However, I believe that for a great journalist to have such a life, they must work hard first, follow the rules and work for a known organization where he can build his career and name.


Around the World

I dream of traveling the world and doing movies and short documentaries of what I see and experience… What a nice dream!
I made this map to show the places that I have visited so far.

My Mini World

I like photography, reading, writing, watching movies, making crafts and beads accessories and traveling.
I dream of traveling the world.

I started writing stories since my seventh grade, yet I never thought I would be a journalist. With every year I spend studying journalism, I love it even more, and I am enthusiastic to start working in the field and to get my stories published.

A year ago, I made my first 10- minutes documentary with 2 other classmates. I enjoyed the video editing. Since then, I did about 4 other short documentaries about 4 minutes each. I want to practice as much as I can to master these skills.

Now as I am graduating in few months, I have lots of plans for my future. I hope I can start with working for Reuters as a reporter. I f that did not work out, I will try to work for Al Jazeera as a reporter too, or in the photography and documentary departments there.

It is great to keep planning and keeping your ambitions high as you work for your dreams or drawing them. Just NEVER GIVE UP and keep going.

As I discover the world, you will discover it with me. Welcome to My Mini World. Hope you enjoy 😉 !